At Hancock Orthopedics, we’re eliminating excuses.

No more “My pain isn’t that bad.” No more “I’m too busy to find a doctor.” We’re knocking down barriers to care, whether you’re an athlete who needs to get back in the game or you suffer from joint or bone pain that makes everyday tasks excruciating.

At Hancock Orthopedics, we’re here to care for you right now—with expert surgical care priced far below the same procedures at the big-city hospitals. And our convenient rehabilitation services allow you to recover more quickly, closer to home.

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If you have chronic joint pain that interferes with walking, exercise, and other leisure, recreational, or work-related activities, you may be a candidate for joint replacement surgery. These procedures are designed to alleviate pain, restore independence, and get you back to enjoying the activities you love. Complete our quick survey below so we can better understand your knee and hip issues.


Sports medicine is not just for athletes!
Hancock Orthopedics works with active people of all ages and abilities to recover from injuries that affect their lives. From acute injuries like bruises, sprains, strains, and broken bones to more severe injuries including dislocations, fractures, and torn ligaments, we provide the expertise and compassionate care to get you back to your best.


Hancock Orthopedics specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of musculoskeletal disorders that cause pain, impairment, or disability. We can help diagnose and treat any orthopedic injury or condition. Our specialists will work with you to relieve pain and restore function, whether you need surgery or not.


Whether from a fall, arthritis, overuse, or sports injuries, knee and hip pain can make it difficult to walk and reduce your quality of life. Every time you take a step, you rely on these critical joints. The knee and hip specialists at Hancock Orthopedics are trained to diagnose causes of knee and hip pain and treat minor injuries, as well as perform total joint replacement.

Hands and wrists are intricate parts of the body, with hundreds of bones, muscles, and ligaments working together to make everyday tasks possible. Injuries to these areas are common from sports, work, and other accidents. The specialists at Hancock Orthopedics treat a wide range of conditions or injuries of the hand and wrist.

You use your feet and ankles constantly. So it’s no wonder foot and ankle injuries are among the most common issues we treat. The foot and ankle specialists at Hancock Orthopedics are trained to treat strains, sprains, fractures, tendon injuries, and more.

Injuries to the shoulder and elbow are common—whether acute, as from a fall, or resulting from overuse or repetitive motion. Hancock Orthopedics is here to alleviate your pain and restore your independence.

Meet Dr. Wil Adams

Podiatric surgeon Dr. Wil Adams explains why he specialized in foot and ankle surgery and what drew him to Hancock Orthopedics.

Meet Dr. Clay Strong

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Clay Strong explains how growing up with a physician for a father and undergoing surgery as a teenager led to his career at Hancock Orthopedics.

Why You Should Choose Hancock Orthopedics

Physician assistant Molly Cox explains how the unrestricted access to the expert physicians at Hancock Orthopedics creates a better patient experience.

The Risk of Delaying Care

Hancock Orthopedics physician assistant Molly Cox talks about the long-term risks of ignoring bone or joint pain.


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